Sunday, May 6, 2007

Joshua M. Greenberg Appointed Director of Digital Strategy and Scholarship

(From Staff News, vol. 97, issue 18 (May 3, 2007)

Joshua M. Greenberg Appointed Director of Digital Strategy and Scholarship

Effective April 16, Joshua M. Greenberg was appointed the Library's Director of Digital Strategy and Scholarship by David Ferriero, the Andrew W. Mellon Director and Chief Executive of The Research Libraries. Dr. Greenberg was formerly a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University (GMU), and the Associate Director, Research Projects, of GMU's Center for History and New Media. In his position as Director of Digital Strategy and Scholarship, Dr. Greenberg is responsible for leading The New York Public Library's digital initiative and positioning digital library activities at the core of library operations. Dr. Greenberg reports to Mr. Ferriero.

"Josh is precisely the right person to lead the Library's digital future, building upon our remarkable accomplishments to date," said David Ferriero. "He is both an accomplished scholar, as well as a visionary who has spent his career exploring the interstices of technology and scholarship. He is knowledgeable, creative, and fun to be with. We feel extremely lucky to have him aboard."

In his work at the Center for History and New Media, Dr. Greenberg helped to create diverse tools for research and education, most recently co-directing the development of Zotero, a Firefox browser-based research tool. He earned his Ph.D. from the Department of Science & Technology Studies at Cornell University.  His first book, which will be published by MIT Press in the fall of 2007, is tentatively titled From Betamax to Blockbuster and charts the evolution of the consumer video rental and sale industry. As part of his Masters-level work at Cornell, Dr. Greenberg developed a system that leveraged embedded closed-captioning to assemble a searchable archive of broadcast television. He earned his BA from Johns
Hopkins University in History of Science, Medicine and Technology.

"I have spent the last decade exploring the application of technology to scholarly practices, and welcome the opportunity to continue this work at an institution with the stature, resources, and talent of The New York Public Library," said Dr. Greenberg. "While I find technology
fascinating in its own right, my goal is to tailor digital tools and capabilities to the actual needs of scholars and library users. I see technology as a means to an end rather than an end in itself."

At the Library, Dr. Greenberg will help shape and implement a digital strategy involving content creation and management and building sustainable capacity. He will work closely with the scholarly community, curatorial staff, Research and Branch Library staff, and the Information Technology Group to create and manage opportunities for new convergences of NYPL content, scholarship, and technology. Further information on Dr. Greenberg can be found by visiting his website at

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