Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rating an important skill in today's world

In my formative years, typing was taught in the first year of high school, when I was 15 years old. That's way too late in today's Internet-occupied world. Unfortunately, I note that many young kids don't care about correct typing but use only their two index fingers. Hopefully, ratings such as these might encourage people to see typing as a skill to be acquired for benefit of communication.

Who knows, maybe it might make it into the Olympics someday.

86 words

free Touch typing


Hedgehog Librarian said...

80 wpm :) So you get the gold but I might get the bronze.

Typing was required when I was in high school, which I found incredibly stupid because I could already touch type faster than the mousy teacher we had. You're right though that kids don't seem to be learning though, despite much of their life being online.

nycboot said...

So very true. I don't even know if they teach typing in school anymore. I still remember the music we had to type to (in order to maintain a steady rhythm when we typed): the gavotte from Thomas's opera Mignon. :)